LPCS Websites Project Timeline, Pricing and General Information
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LPCS Websites Project Timeline, Pricing and General Information

AT LPCS Websites & Digital Marketing, we specialize in the WordPress platform. We believe this platform will allow your site to grow cost-effectively with your business needs. We not only build websites but can provide support, training and maintenance after the site is live, either on-demand or via support contracts, whichever suits your business. We also build SEO tools, google analytics and security features into your website by default so you “hit the ground running” with the tools you need to be successful.


On average, our typical website project will take 8-12 weeks.  Alot can affect this timeframe, but the one thing that affects it the most is content and message.  Many people are surprised at just how much work THEY have to put into their new website.  We can do alot!  But the one thing we can’t do is know who you are and what you want to say.  This is where you come in. If we are replacing and old website, the content of that site should be reviewed and updated if needed.  If we are starting from scratch, you really need to get your marketing ideas, taglines, key phrases, artwork, etc, organized ahead of time.  We can of course help and have expert copy writing and marketing expertise available to assist you!  But these things should be ironed out before we start building the site, otherwise we could definitely fall behind.

Generally speaking our website project pricing normally includes:

  • SEO tools to assist with optimization, initial SEO optimization.
  • Google Analytics setup and installation, submission of sitemap to Google.
  • Security features to protect website.
  • Contact form and backend database to store your contact information.
  • The site will be responsive and mobile friendly across all devices.
  • Training for key personnel on how to manage content changes.
  • Social Media Integration using available free open source applications.

Project Pricing Does NOT Include:

  • Artwork/Photography.  While we can tweak provided imagery so that it fits the website, we do not include the imagery.  Client is responsible for providing imagery, be it stock art or existing.  Many times old artwork does not conform to new design standards for websites.  New artwork may need t be purchased or created.  We provide additional Graphic Design and Photography services to help!
  • Creation of content/copy. We do not create your content.  Only you know your business and can speak to it.  We can make grammatical recommendations, our trusted copyright/editor partners if additional help is required on a quote basis. Usually we will repurpose content from the existing site.  If you haven’t reviewed your existing content – please do so before we get started!  If you do not provide complete content at the inception of the project this will no doubt create project lag and potentially cost overages.  We do not start projects until we are in receipt of ALL content.
  • Hosting of the site. We recommend that all of our clients own and control all of their online digital assets, including hosting. We can assist in the creation of your hosting account, but it will require client’s credit card to establish. We recommend GoDaddy Deluxe Managed WordPress hosting because their support is excellent, the service includes daily website backups, AND we have a built-in staging site for development and future changes – this makes changes to your website seamless in future, even a complete makeover! Please budget approximately $181 for a 3-year WordPress hosting plan.
  • The annual costs of domain name registration. New website hosting plans may come with a free domain for a year, but typically domains cost anywhere from $9.99-12.99 a year.
  • The cost of any 3rd party integrations or applications. Like your phone, there are apps and widgets that might be required that go beyond the capabilities of the free versions of the software. These incur nominal annual subscriptions in order to keep the software current. We tend to explore all the free versions first to minimize any additional costs for you.
  • SSL Certificate or Malware Subscriptions. At one point these were considered optional, but SSL certificates are mandatory if you don’t want potential users to experience a security warning when they try to reach your site. Malware is also an essential tool that will not only fix the site in the event of an attack, but fix any blacklisting of your site that may occur on Google! These are subscription-based services, therefore managed by the client.
  • Email. It is assumed that the client already has an email product in use, if not we can assist in analyzing business need and creation of accounts.  Pricing to be determined by time spent and email provider costs.


Our projects generally follow this outline, although it can vary a bit depending on how fast a site is needed (sometime the phases get combined).  We don’t tend to put specific dates aside every phase,

  • Phase 1: Discovery initial meeting – identify needs, goals, timelines.
  • Phase 2: Engagement and project commencement – 50% DEPOSIT REQUIRED.
    • Design & Web team work to develop theme/design for your review and selection.
    • Hosting Platform and all digital assets should be purchased during this phase so that we can commence development once mockup is approved – we can help.
    • IMPORTANT! CLIENT TO PROVIDE ALL CONTENT TO BE USED FOR WEBSITE. We like to use cloud technology to share files. Click here for more info.
  • Phase 3: Development – time to get to work! It can take a week or so to get the site to a point for an initial review.
  • Phase 4: Initial Review. At initial review, we will assess the site and any changes as necessary before we get too far along. It is always best to address major changes at this initial review meeting so we can keep the project on deadline. We can establish review meetings weekly or as needed afterwards. Review meetings can occur via Skype, phone, by e-mail or in person.
  • Phase 4: Second Review/Approval. All content will have been imported by now, so we review the site, test usability, contact forms, make minor revisions, set launch date. Larger changes at or after this stage could certainly affect project timeline and pricing.
  • Phase 5. Launch. On this day, we configure DNS changes and go live with site. DNS propagation can be anywhere from one to several hours, depending on domain registrar and propagation across the internet. We also activate analytics, test forms. Final payment is expected upon launch.
  • Phase 6. “Honeymoon”. The first two weeks after a site goes live is when we pay special attention to the website and statistics to make sure all is working properly.
  • MAINTENANCE PHASE. This is an option for those businesses who want to have regular website support and maintenance. For more information visit our website at https://www.lpcswebsites.com/website-maintenance-support-danvers-services-marketing-packages/ to learn more.


Project Commencement
  • 50% Deposit Due to commence project (Phase 2)
  • Purchase of hosting and SSL by Client (although we always help) – depending on provider, typically GoDaddy 3 years ~$181.00 for hosting, $79.99 year for SSL
  • Malware – not required but strongly recommended ~269/year
Project Completion
  • Balance plus any additional add-ons due upon “Go Live” + any addons
    Maintenance/Support Contracts
  • GO LIVE is the date the site is made public to the world by pointing a new or old domain to the new website.  THE SITE WILL NOT GO LIVE UNTIL FINAL PAYMENT IS RECEIVED OR BEING PROCESSED.  If a site has launched and has not been paid for within 72 hours, LPCS reserves the right to take the site offline pending final payment.


After we go live, you  may one to have ongoing support and maintenance to ensure the proper care and feeding of your shiny new website.  Learn more here:  https://www.lpcswebsites.com/website-maintenance-support-danvers-services-marketing-packages/


Typical website projects run 8-12 weeks FROM RECEIPT OF COMPLETE CONTENT FOR PROJECT.   When ALL  information is not provided at the inception of the project, you can guarantee that the project will overrun.  Overruns are bad for everyone!  Your launch will be delayed and if we are waiting for content, we will fill the time alotted with other projects where information was provided.  It could also incur additional development time fees.  Projects that need to go live faster will incur an expediting fee of 50-100% of the initial quote, depending on timeframe required.