Welcome To Your New Website
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Welcome To Your New Website

Firstly, THANK YOU.

You could have gone anywhere for your new website, but we’re extremely glad you came to us!  Thank you for entrusting us with your business.

So…now what?

Usually in the week after launch is when people notice little tweaks they’d like to make.  You have one week upon the Birthday (live date) of your new site to do this.  These are usually changes to content, ie wording, or perhaps adding an additional email to the contact forms. Any changes that involve changing the structure of the site (ie adding pages, major artwork, animated headers, any sliders, graphic design, etc) will incur extra cost.


Depending on which package you bought, training is always included.  Typical training is a 1-2 hour session on how to update your blog and content.  It is not designed to teach you how to be a WordPress developer, it is to set you up to successfully blog and manage the words on your site.  We do not cover how to update the site in terms of themes and plug-ins.  Some portfolio-based websites will come with extra training on how to manage your portfolio items.

Maintenance of your Site

Just like your mobile phone with all its operating system and app updates, your website requires alot of updating throughout the year.  If you do not keep up with the latest version of software, over time the performance and security will degrade to the point the site could be hacked, or just stop working.  We do not recommend you update your software unless you understand backups and how to fix things should you break the site.

We actually have a plan that will provide this kind of assistance for you  throughout the year.  Every month we go in and take stock of the apps, update where needed, make sure everything is functioning properly, check the analytics etc.  We perform controlled updates on a mirror site – we do not simply update real-time.  Updates don’t always go the way you think!  for 60-80/month, it is well worth the investment.  And, if you don’t have time to blog or update your content, we can do that for you as well.  We become your virtual IT Department.

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Additional Services

We can provide consultation at any time on tips and tricks for blogging, how to best leverage the site and social media, analytics, SEO Optimization, etc.  We can do so on demand or on a retainer basis.

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If you were happy with your new website, we’d love to hear about it!  Please leave us a testimonial!  We’d be so grateful!