Website Maintenance and Support
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Website Maintenance and Support

We focus on YOU so YOU can focus on YOUR clients.

Your website is the EPICENTER of your business !

AT LPCS Websites we do not believe in “set it and forget it”.  The reality is, like your phones and computers, which are always updating their operating systems and applications, your website is in need of constant care and attention.

Like the apps on your cellphone, the apps, themes and plug-ins on the back end of your website are constantly being upgraded to improve their functionality and increase security.  We have seen time and again how websites that were unattended for long periods of time have either crashed or fallen victim to hackers or malware, leaving the business owner no choice but to find a web developer urgently and pay through the nose to get a site back online.  While we can’t guarantee that you site won’t be hacked, we CAN guarantee we will be there for you, and have worked along the way to mitigate problems as best we can.


We offer sensibly priced maintenances plans so that you have your very own Web Department who will take care of things for you as well as be a resource for you to call when you need help or advice.

website maintenance and support by lpcs websites beverly ma

Our website maintenance program offers you peace of mind, especially if you are a smaller business with no technical people on staff.


On a monthly basis we will:

  • WordPress Core Updates
  • Monitor all apps and theme versions and perform “controlled” updates.
  • Monitor analytics, identify potential issues.
  • Scan for Malware and vulnerability alerts, take corrective course of action if required.*
  • Monitor activity of your users of site to ensure everyone is following guidelines laid out in training.
  • Provide telephone support on any of your website issues.
  • Make minor* content changes to the website upon request.

*Please note, these activities are estimated to take 1-1.5 hours a month.  Work exceeding that time allotment of time could incur additional charge.  The priority is to ensure health of the website so those activities are performed prior to changes.

So, what is a "minor" change ->

We believe a website should be constantly updated in appearance to reflect new standards and trends, as well as content to showcase your experience as a thought leader.  An actively updated website will get more search engine attention than one that just sits there year after year (especially if it is optimized with keywords!).

Minor Changes to your site include:

  • Posting a new blog article for you (you provide all content).
  • Adding small changes to text, ie, adding a new service offering.
  • Updating email recipients on your contact forms, or adding a field, etc.
  • Updating site with a new/revised logo.
  • Changing up your footer area widgets.
  • Replacing an image with a newer image, etc.
  • Adding coupon codes to e-commerce.
  • Installing a new (simple) plug-in solution – however costs of plug-ins are not included.

Minor Changes do NOT include:

  • Adding e-commerce solution to an existing site.
  • Adding products to e-commerce.
  • “Reskinning” a website with a new theme or redesigns.
  • Graphic Design
  • SEO
  • Custom Coding
  • Creation of content
  • But we can help with all of these if needed on a quote basis.

Maintenance Plans

The only difference with our plans is whether or not you’d like to benefit from pre-payment for the year.  This makes our systems much more efficient and minimizes on billing time and expense.  Every website and every problem is treated as a priority – everyone is a VIP in our books.

Month-to-Month Maintenance & Support Plan

No Strings Attached
$189 month
  • You get all of the above services on a month-to-month basis upon receipt of payment.
  • There is an initial setup fee of $250-500 to get you set up on our systems if we did not set up your website.

Emergency Support

We've got your back even when we don't have a plan 😉
$250 first hour and assessment time

Many times plans will expire or people will think they don’t need maintenance anymore.  After a while something will go wrong – that’s ok!  We’ve still got your back.

  • It’s hard to determine just how much time any emergency situation can take, however, we can assess the situation and come up with an estimate for you.
  • We require a non-refundable $250 deposit towards the problem.  This will be applied towards the project total- and with any luck we can get you back online with minimal expense to you.
  • $80/hr for additional emergency support.
  • This is usually the time people sign up for our Annual Plan!  It is great value!