Website Support Services and our new Website Support Form
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Website Support Services and our new Website Support Form

Website Support Services and our new Website Support Form

We get ALOT of messages around here.  They come from alllll sources: e-mails, text messages, social media messages – across all social media platforms, and in person.  It’s made it very difficult to go back and find previous requests or bits of information relevant to supporting change requests.  Also, sometimes we can get into a big e-mail discussion about a certain topic…you know what it’s like to find information in those! Many times I am given very vague instruction, or not enough instruction, or no content at all. This obviously means changes take longer as I have to figure it out, or create content for you, with no input.

In an effort to consolidate requests into once place and provide a place for someone other than me to check the status of things, we have implemented a new WEBSITE CHANGE REQUEST form.  Please use this form whenever you need a change made to your website and use the file attachment area to upload any relevant files.

When you hit send, two e-mails go out, one to my primary e-mail, another to the backup email, and a database of change requests is created on the backend, so I now should have everything I need in order to process your request, as well as redundancy.

If you do not have a maintenance contract, you can still use this form.  We’ll be in touch to discuss how you want to proceed.  The most cost-effective method of support is to pay for a year of maintenance in advance.  This not only covers changes, but we also check the website every month and make sure all the apps and plug-ins are up-to-date.  We schedule major updates after hours so as not to inconvenience your users.  You can pay month-to-month or per-incident, but this incurs larger fees and can get expensive.  Protect your investment today with a maintenance plan!  Message us today to get started!


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