Website Launch for Say Yes Institute Salem
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Website Launch for Say Yes Institute Salem

New website for keynote speaker carrie stack say yes institute salem ma

Website Launch for Say Yes Institute Salem

When Carrie’s older website experienced a sudden case of the malwares we got to work to not only fix the site, but give her a much-needed makeover.

Focusing on a super-clean look, every aspect of the site was reworked, and also includes

  • mailchimp integration
  • social media integration
  • backend database to capture leads
  • security
  • SSL
  • SEO tools
  • analytics

We were even able to find some old content, like video testimonials, that we were able to repurpose and bring back to the front of the site!

Pop on over to https://sayyesinstitute.com and say hi to Carrie and have a look at all the amazing work she’s done.  If you’re looking for a keynote speaker for your next event, an executive coach to work with you one-on-one, somebody to inspire your teachers or student body – look no further than Carrie – she is a delight to know and invigorating to be around!

Go Carrie!

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