Website empowerment for Danvers HS DECA Project
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Website empowerment for Danvers HS DECA Project

Website empowerment for Danvers HS DECA Project

We recently helped some girls at Danvers HS work on a website for their DECA project, Wear It Forward.

We helped update an existing site, and set them up so they could take photos in the studio of their product line.  We provided some training so they could update their blog and make changes to text.  It’s a lot to take on, but we will provide support along the way, with the goal to have them manage as much as they can on their own at some point.

DECA is a national organization, with over 3500 participating schools,  that prepares high school kids to become leaders in business.  Kids compete in challenges in their region in hopes of making it to “nationals”.  There are many business categories one can choose, giving the kids options.

Wear It Forward is a “pay it forward” kind of business, for every shirt purchased, one is given away to somebody in need.  These kids are learning how to create and design, a product, market it, manage a website, use social media to advertise, make and manage money – and do some good!

We’re looking forward to seeing how far they can take it!

Why not do a little good today and WEAR IT FORWARD? Follow this link to their new website!

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