Thinking of You During This Crazy Covid Time
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Thinking of You During This Crazy Covid Time

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Thinking of You During This Crazy Covid Time

We are living in unprecedented times.  We just want you to know we are still working as usual on your websites, doing our usual monthly updates and health checks.  The benefits of being a “tech” company is that we can work from anywhere, even from the couch, in our jammies.  We’ve also been helping essential businesses like banks and hospitals stay connected to their employees by rolling out work-from-home technology and strategies, as well as providing user training.  Of course, we have been practicing social distancing throughout this and wearing mask and gloves.  We don’t go anywhere without them.

Our local community has been hit hard by Covid, and I don’t mean just business.  We’ve lost some dear friends and others are fighting for their lives in hospital.  Covid is going to change us all, personally, professionally, and as a country.  It is my hope it changes us for the better, that we will be more connected, be more compassionate, take more time for what’s important, and always have our neighbors back.

We are thinking of you all and hoping you and your loved ones are safe and sound.

-LP xx

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