Stop Buying Stock Art For Your Websites
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Stop Buying Stock Art For Your Websites

Create your own artwork for your website

Stop Buying Stock Art For Your Websites

I walk around the Cummings Center every day and always take note of the ads people are posting on the walls.  One, I always want to see what other people are doing to up my own marketing game, but two, to look for any design trends I may be missing.

I am missing out on nothing.  I am kind of blown away at how boring they are.

Now, I am only looking at them all because I want to see them, but not a single one of them makes me want to stop and take a deeper look, or make me laugh, or connect with me on any level.  I do business with some of these businesses, and yet their artwork is so boring and clinical – it’s like I don’t even know them.

And the major reason is that they use truly awful, bland and boring stock art.


I know buying stock art cheap on shutterstock can be very compelling – but it does NOT tell your story!!!

Only YOU can do that.

I had a lovely conversation with a bank teller this morning – he was friendly, helpful and funny.  He encouraged me to use mobile banking, but I told him “why – then I wouldn’t be able to see you!”

I was walking back to the studio and saw an ad for his bank on the wall with boring stock art.  Honestly, HE should be the star of their campaign.  HE is my bank.  He is why I like to physically GO to the branch.

Your people matter, your value matters, your service matters.

Stop being cheap with your advertising dollars and SHOWCASE YOUR PEOPLE.  They are who make your company what it is!

Through our photography division, we are offering a GREAT package for a half day shoot at your office where we can create your own “stock” art of YOUR OWN PEOPLE  to use in all of your promotional campaigns – especially your website.  It includes:

  • Staged team photos
  • Casual team photos
  • Teams “working”, ie, conference room, or collaborating
  • Headshots, styled and casual
  • “Around the Office” looks

These images can be used to really tell the story of your business and can be used for your website, printed collateral, any marketing or advertising you do, social media etc.  We can style them in a way that matches your brand.  They are hosted forever on our website as a backup that you can go to again and again to download if needed.  We can also provide support after the shoot, say, if you wanted to change the style, recrop, or any other photographic services required.

Let’s tell the story of YOUR business.

Book your own Stock Art Shoot today!

Let's showcase what makes YOUR team, YOUR business, YOUR VALUE better than the rest!

Lauren Poussard Photography follows the CDC Safety Protocols for Covid-19 and all staff will be masked.  Your team however does not have to mask if they are already in a “bubble” together.

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