Spring Cleaning for Your Website
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Spring Cleaning for Your Website

Spring cleaning - not just for your home!

Spring Cleaning for Your Website

Spring cleaning isn’t just for your home or office. This is a great time of year to freshen up your website and its content. When is the last time you did a comprehensive content review? Are things getting a little dusty? Let’s clear out the cobwebs and commit to renewing your site’s most valuable asset – its content.


When was the last time you read every word on your website?

Spring is the season to tackle that digital cleanup. The best approach is to go page-by-page through your website. Take notes of which pages need updating, axing, augmenting, or creating from scratch. Some areas of your website that likely need attention are shown below.

  • News
  • Team
  • Services
  • Products
  • Specials
  • Videos
  • Photography
  • Business Goals Alignment – is your website telling the right story?

Since your last round of website updates, have you added or lost team members, added or removed products /services, or are you offering specials that aren’t reflected online? How about your photography? Is it up-to-date? Fresh images can give a whole new feel to your website, with very little effort or investment.


In addition to providing the most usable and up-to-date content to your users, the search engines’ preference for good and fresh content gives you all the more incentive to undertake this important housekeeping task. Search engines don’t see how pretty your site is; their spiders are concerned only with indexing the content. Your site’s visibility in the search results is directly related to the quality, quantity and freshness of your site content. So, sharpen up those pencils (or fire up Word as the case may be), and give your content a fresh look.

A comprehensive content review will pay back the time investment many times over by ensuring that your most public asset is telling the right story.

Let's Get Started!
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