Shiny “New” website for Thomson Communications PR in Middleton
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Shiny “New” website for Thomson Communications PR in Middleton

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Shiny “New” website for Thomson Communications PR in Middleton

Normally we’d say “Happy Web-Birthday” when we launch a site but this website is actually several years old, so perhaps I should say “Happy Web-ReBirthday” today to Thomson Communications on the re-launch of thomsoncommunications.com.

We originally built this website several years ago, and although the site was from from “dated”, times change, standards change – we needed to give the site a total refresh to compete within its market.  That meant a new look, new photography, some new content – but the portfolio section showcasing around 40 clients would stay relatively the same.

This project is a great example of how some forward-planning can help save you time and money in the future.  We were able to repurpose all the content of the existing site and massage it into a new “look” – even keeping to the same theme.    The difference in look is like, night and day, and if it had been done from scratch would have cost a few thousand dollars – but because we were able to use all the existing content, we saved tons of time – and therefore money!

We build our sites wanting to give them most longevity as possible, and for a site as complicated as a portfolio site, that takes a bit of planning up front – but the long term gains pay off.  We also use themes from reputable developers, ones that have “staying power”.  That means a site built on a theme and framework in 2013 might be even better in 2018, as opposed to many developers who fall by the wayside.

What we did:

  • repurpose all existing content and massage it into a fresh new look
  • custom photo shoot so we could get new images of the team that better reflected their fun personalities and personalized service.
  • rewrote some of the content
  • added TONS more above-the-fold calls to action to entice people to get in touch
  • added a back-end database to capture leads that can be exported for marketing efforts
  • upgraded security to current standards  and SSL to protect the site


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