Recovering Websites is Our Superpower
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Recovering Websites is Our Superpower

LPCS Websites saves lost websites

Recovering Websites is Our Superpower

Have you ever gone to your website one day only to find it gone?

You scramble to your hosting provider, log in, look for the site – and it’s not there.

You head over to your inbox and search your e-mails for ANYTHING from your provider.  You can’t find anything – until you search your junk folder.  Two months ago, your credit card on file for the hosting renewal expired, and thanks to email sorting algorithms, the emails got sent to your junk folder and you never saw them.

The horrible sinking feeling that comes after is only the beginning of the realization that this is probably gonna’ cost some money to fix.

Now, depending on how long this has been expired, the hosting company can restore the site for you, for a fee of course, and you’ll have to renew your hosting plan.

But we have seen time and again, some people are just so busy doing their business, they didn’t notice the site was missing for a while, and after a certain amount of time, the hosting company deletes the old backups to make room for new clients.

So now, you have to start over again.

We’ve also seen websites “disappear” if they had been neglected for too long.  The site had been working fine for years, and then one day, it’s gobbledy-gook.  The hosting company can’t help you out here neither.  They are not responsible for updating your website, they simply host it.  They could probably assist in restoring the site back to an older version – but the reality is, a site with old technology on it is going to stop working – and worse still, become completely exposed to security breeches.

We’ve seen probably every case for lost, damaged or missing websites over the years, and all of that experience has helped us to develop some pretty good sleuthing skills for finding things – but more importantly – developing systems to prevet these issues from popping up in the first place.

If your site is suddenly missing, wonky, or you suspect you have a virus, PLEASE give us a call!  We can investigate and implement a solution to get you up and running as soon as possible!

Let’s get you up and running pronto!
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