The Power of Blogging – Make It Count
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The Power of Blogging – Make It Count

The Power of Blogging – Make It Count

I talk about blogging alot.  Adding new, relevant and engaging content to your website on a continual basis is crucial for building your brand, enforcing your reputation as a “thought leader” – and getting you much needed “google juice”.  But many people are using social media as a blogging platform because it is just so convenient.  It’s on your phone, in your pocket, you can do it anywhere. Blogging from your website just seems to take sooo muuuch “effort”!

The reality is that you HAVE to feed your audience to your website otherwise the post is just a wasted effort.  Having a link in your post TO your website is not NEARLY as effective as having your post ORIGINATE FROM your website.

The above graphic pretty much explains it all.  Can you tell what days this person is blogging?  It’s pretty obvious.  Interestingly, the other days this person is also posting, ALOT, via social media.  As you can tell from the flat lines between posts that not much is happening in between these other great posts, even though those posts get alot of likes.

So, how much do you want it?  How much do you want new business?

If your time is precious, and I know mine is, you will want to blog quickly and get the most bang for your buck.  So, set yourself up for success.

  • Make sure you have an awesome topic that people will love, connect to, need.
  • If you are hoping to get some business or at least a phone call from this post, be sure to include links to the contact page, or embed a quick contact page, into the post itself so that the user doesn’t have to click anywhere else. “don’t make me think” – if it’s a product, embed the product and BUY buttons onto the page!
  • Be sure to use an engaging photo to capture their attention as the featured image.  You want to stop them in their tracks.
  • Be sure the post is named well, tagged well, and you fill in the SEO fields of the post on the back end.
  • Make sure to share the post to your social media channels – you can automate this with plug-ins like Microblog Poster, but you can also simply copy and past the link into your desired social media platforms. (make sure the featured image appears otherwise the post is wasted!)
  • Make sure you have analytics installed.  Refer to them often so you can measure, learn and tweak future posts.

Time REALLY tight?  Set aside ONE hour a month, knock out four posts and schedule them to publish, one each week – with the blog poster installed, it will automatically post to your channels and you spent ONE hour of your time doing it.  Yay you!

And if you don’t know how to do any of this, give us a call.  We can show you how!

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A comparison analytics chart.

This is actually my analytics chart over the same period as the above chart.  My posts don’t get nearly the same number of hits when first published, but over time, there are generally more users on my website on a daily basis, and I get several inquiries a week from the site.  Obviously, I want more, but given I’m a sole proprietor wearing MANY hats, I consider this to be decent traction given the 5 minutes I put into it.  Make your blogging count!

Screen Shot 2016-07-15 at 8.34.45 AM

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