Timelapse Video for MBTA Bridge Project
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Timelapse Video for MBTA Bridge Project

About This Project

This short video actually took two evenings to capture.  This project was unique, as this antique train bridge had to be removed in one solid piece as it is over an active heavily used railway line – no debris can fall onto the live tracks below!  A special crane from Mammoet in Holland was shipped in and erected so that the bridge could be lifted and moved out of the way, and the new bridge dropped into place.  It was fascinating to listen to all the engineers’ stories of their piece of the puzzle.  It got a little precarious as our camera ended up UNDER the bridge, which was not expected!  This was the culmination of months, if not years, of detailed engineering and preparation.  I feel like a 40 second video does a bit of a disservice to all involved, but those who know, “know” just how awesome it was.  A nice crowd of trainspotters, engineering buffs and long-time residents gathered both nights to watch this little piece of history be replaced with a safer modern bridge.

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