Pay now or pay later…so why not be proactive?
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Pay now or pay later…so why not be proactive?

proactive website monitoring by lpcs websites danvers

Pay now or pay later…so why not be proactive?

It is not a requirement to elect our maintenance and support plan after your website launches – but we highly recommend it!  Like the apps and operating system on your cell phone, your website is composed of software and apps developed by a myriad of developers, and they are in random stages of update at all times.  Leaving your apps un-updated for long periods of time will cause your website performance to degrade over time – you know – like when your phone starts to stop performing when you’ve resisted updating it?  Yeah, it’s like that.  Worse, it can open up back doors for hackers to try to take advantage of.  Being on top of the updates means your site is going to be improving all the time, as these apps improve in performance and even more importantly, security.

Even if we haven’t gone the maintenance route, we haven’t stopped thinking about your website.  In fact, it’s all we think about, as we see the daily updates we’re making to other sites and hope your site doesn’t get so far behind something catastrophic happens.  We will check in periodically just to make sure all is fine.  Many times people do not elect the plan and let a few months go by – and then decide to opt in.   Our plan works out to be a cost-effective $60/month if you prepay for the year.  When the plan goes into affect right after launch, changes and updates can be managed in a controlled way, which keeps costs down.  If you elect to opt-in several months later, it could take us several hours just to get things up to snuff again and back on track –  be prepared, as there could be some additional charges.

Many don’t opt-in because of the cost, but like anything, there is usually a cost if you don’t do something –  you can pay now or pay alot more later when things go wrong.  If you’re going to pay, why not make it a controlled, pro-active way and get a whole bunch of peace of mind!  AND, your very own dedicated virtual website support team.

We’ve got your back!

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