No, nobody is ever really secure.
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No, nobody is ever really secure.

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No, nobody is ever really secure.

This week in the news we have been watching as ransomware takes over the City of Atlanta’s computer system.  It’s been several days and their systems are STILL down, they’ve been filling out forms BY HAND and they haven’t ruled out paying the $51,000 in bitcoin to get their systems back!

So if the city of Atlanta isn’t safe with their multi-million dollar infrastructure and fully-staffed IT department, why do you think you are?

The sad reality is that hackers are everywhere and are constantly looking for vulnerabilities in software and infrastructure to collect money or intellectual property.  This video from Fortune.com is pretty compelling!  Despite all the money that’s been paid over the last 15 years to improve security and infrastructure – cybercrime is on the rise!

While we can’t guarantee you won’t be hacked, we can guarantee we will be there when you need us.  Why not start now with a free review of your website today?

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