Next Steps
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Next Steps

Ok, we’ve had our kickoff meeting and are ready to get to work!

We find the biggest stumbling block is always content. Unless contracted to do so, we don’t write the actual content.  I think people are surprised at how involved they need to get with their new website project!  We know, it’s often very difficult for companies to dedicate much time to focus on content because they’re just busy doing what they’re good at – their business!  But, if we do not have content, we can’t lay things out in a meaningful way for you, the project will lag, miss deadline and could be subject to change orders, something everyone wants to avoid!  Taking the time at the beginning to nail this out is an essential prerequisite before we lay anything out in the website.

While you’re working on content and the below items, we will be getting to work nailing out the design aspect of the website based on our meetings of what you like in order to provide a mockup for you at our next meeting.  By then you should have:

  1. Gathered login credentials for current website, hosting, domain registrar and email information.
  2. Ordered new hosting plan if needed AND SSL certificate. (We standardize on the GoDaddy platform. We can order this for you if you’d like.)
  3. Reviewed existing, gather and organize new/old content.  Create a dropbox shared folder and share it with laurenpoussardstudio@gmail.com.  Create individual Word docs for each page of the website. Organize project portfolio pieces into sub-folders, with descriptive names.  Give descriptive names to your images so we know what we’re looking at.