New Website for Tillie’s Farm in Peabody
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New Website for Tillie’s Farm in Peabody

tillies farm new website design

New Website for Tillie’s Farm in Peabody

It seems fitting to meet with our friends at Tillie’s today on what I discovered is National Agriculture Day!  And it’s also Taco Tuesday, so we met over a fresh new Mexican joint called the NexMex Thing (btw, the food was so colorful and delicious!).  There really is a day for everything!

We are excited to have worked with Tillie’s and our partner Thomson Communications on the branding and web design for the farm, which was purchased by the City of Peabody and joins the ranks of Brooksby Farm as a treasured community farm.

We all decided to go with a more retro feel for the Farm to tie into the era that the farm was started.  Technically started in the 1880s, it wasn’t until Tillie herself, a WWII Vet, turned Tillie’s into what it is today.

Here’s a screenshot of the website we designed which includes all of the logos and artwork we designed for them to use.  We also designed the main store signage and other elements that will be used on marketing pieces and social media.

We can’t wait for the farm to open next month!

Please join us in wishing Tillie’s Farm all the very best!


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