New Website Launched for Engineering Firm in Woburn
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New Website Launched for Engineering Firm in Woburn

website for engineering firm in woburn

New Website Launched for Engineering Firm in Woburn

We are delighted to present another collaboration with our graphic design partner Guarino Design for Infrasense, an engineering firm in Woburn.

This website is a beast – LOADED with content –  and is now beautiful to boot!  Here are just some of the elements included in this rollout:

  • customized animated slider to add interest to every page
  • drone/video for main landing page
  • customized layout, icon sets and color scheme by Guarino Design
  • comprehensive, catalogued portfolio
  • interactive, customized map to display portfolio by state

And like all of our websites, comes choc-full of back end features, like:

  • security and vulnerability tooks
  • Google analytics
  • SEO tools
  • backups
  • contact forms with data collection
  • SSL security
  • caching

Like most portfolio websites, it can take quite a bit of time to organize all of the content and get it properly cataloged so that you can control where certain data appears and make the data easily accessible for the user.  We take the time to make sure we get it right for you and your users!

If you have an extensive website and are finding it hard to navigate through it all, give us a call – we can definitely help!



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