Love these team photos!
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Love these team photos!

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Love these team photos!

We always advise people that they should have photos of their key staff or team members on their About or Team page.  When somebody lands on your website, they want to see who they will be doing business with.  Using analytics, we are able to map the typical user’s navigation through a website, and almost all of them follow the HOME->ABOUT->CONTACT US page flow.  It would appear WHO and WHY outweigh the WHAT when it comes to doing business, but if you’re an avid networker, you’ll already know this.

By far the coolest team photos I’ve seen – and I actually take alot of headshots – are on my friends’ SCHULTE STAFFING SOLUTIONS new website.  What do these images tell you about them and the personality of their company?

Yeah, I would do business with them, too!

If you, or somebody you know, are looking for a job, be sure to get in touch with Niki and her team!



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