How to blog using WordPress
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How to blog using WordPress

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How to blog using WordPress

I say these things on an almost daily basis, so I thought I would write it out here as a post for you to bookmark.

Blogging is crucial to garnering SEO traction for your website and establishing you as a thought leader in your field.  Once your site goes live, you are suddenly faced with having to log into your WordPress website and having to learn the dashboard and get around.  So, here are a few tips to refer to once you’ve logged into your website:

  • Your blog page is a collection of your blog posts.  You do not edit the blog page to add new content.  You create new content by going to POSTS->ADD NEW.
  • Do not create a PAGE when blogging.  Think BLOG POST, therefore select POST.
  • Give your article a terrific title that’s catchy, funny, asks a question.  “How do I….”  Most people search that way “how to I make beef stew?”
  • Be sure to write enough interesting or helpful content for the reader to enjoy, but use short sentences. Entice them towards a CALL TO ACTION.
  • Be sure to write for the reader, not for search engines – but still use words real people will use – remember to think like THEM – NOT YOU. You are Too Close to What you do.  My old business coach called it “The Burden of Knowledge” – you know your thing so intimately you can’t see it from anyone else’s eyes.  Try to.
  • Make sure you have an SEO tool installed – it will literally guide you on how to improve your post as you go!
  • Make sure your post has a FEATURED IMAGE so that when your BLOG PAGE lists all the posts, the posts have a nice eye-catching image.
  • Your image has to be large enough for social media to post it, but not too big it will weigh on your users’ data plan or slow page loading.
  • Be sure your image is WELL NAMED AND HAS ALT TAGS!  It helps with SEO too!
  • DO NOT EMBED the main image of your post into the actual page – use the FEATURED IMAGE option on the right hand sidebar of your post editor page!!
  • Check your spelling.
  • Make sure there’s a CALL TO ACTION at the bottom of the page. Ideally you want an eye-catching button with a direct link to what you want the user to do next.  It’s usually to buy something, or to contact you for help or services.

If none of this makes sense or is too overwhelming, give us a call and we can help get you on your way to better blog posts and more hits on your website!

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