Get Found Online! Danvers MA Websites and Digital Marketing Agency
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Get Found Online! Danvers MA Websites and Digital Marketing Agency

get found digital marketing danvers ma

Get Found Online! Danvers MA Websites and Digital Marketing Agency

I say this all the time, you can have the best website on earth with the most beautiful images – but if nobody can find you, it’s pretty much useless.

So, how do you get found when so many others are out there competing for the same space online?

There are plenty of ways to get found, but it’s going to cost you –  either in your time, somebody else’s time, or in advertising.  Those who say it’s “free” are not taking into consideration how much your time is actually worth.

So, how much IS your time worth?

If you are in high demand, your time could be very very expensive, so perhaps it IS worth paying somebody else to help you with this or paying for adwords campaigns.

No matter what route you take, you have to at least do one thing yourself, which is make the commitment to actually do something on a regular basis with regards to digital marketing.  You can not launch a new site, for example, and “set it and forget it”.  Your search traction will be very short-lived.

We have worked with a myriad of businesses who have chosen all of the different options and can attest to the following:

  • Those who launched a new website and didn’t blog or work on their site occasionally had virtually zero traffic over time.
  • Those who relaunched old websites without changing the content of their site to take into consideration the new google search formulas lost traffic over time.
  • Those who blogged, even once a month, even on a site that wasn’t really SEO optimized, kept themselves on page one most of the time.
  • Those with bad content, who didn’t blog, who paid for AdWords had great traffic and conversions.
  • Those with good content, who didn’t blog, who had small AdWords budgets had good traffic but less conversions.

In summary, the more time or more ad dollars you spend on your site will result in more traffic, and more phone calls, pure and simple.

If you are looking to increase traffic to your site, call us today for a consultation.  In two hours we can work with you to tweak your website and teach you some strategies that will get you well on your way towards increasing traffic to your site on a more permanent basis!

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