Email Hell: please update your email for me.
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Email Hell: please update your email for me.

new email address

Email Hell: please update your email for me.

It seems everyone complains about email these days, and I am right up there at the top.  It’s pretty frustrating to get support on it, especially as I was somebody who used to manage mail servers at one point in my career.  If there was a problem I could just log in and see it, I had complete control of virtually every part from server to client, including, for the most part, the telecoms in between.  Now there are alot of “things” between you and your email server and nobody seems able to SEE anything with technology so up in the clouds.

My main email account that everybody has been using since 2002 has been a growing challenge to manage over the least couple of years, but this past calendar year has been beyond impossible.  With contradictory and unhelpful “help” from the email provider, I have decided to simply create a new email address that is only going to be used by YOU and contacts to this website.

Please update your contact email for me to: support@lpcswebsites.com

This account will send alerts to multiple other emails and as it’s new, and private, it should only ever contain messages from the people I care about:  YOU.

Thank you for your help!!



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