Digital Marketing Tip-Of-The-Week: Don’t forget to LINK!
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Digital Marketing Tip-Of-The-Week: Don’t forget to LINK!

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Digital Marketing Tip-Of-The-Week: Don’t forget to LINK!

Can you tell on which days this new website remembered to include links to their website in their social media post?

That’s right – the days with the spikes.

It’s literally no use at all to post anything on social media if you’re not going to include a link to your call-to-action page and a photo.

So next time you’re going to put something up on social media – take the time to get everything organized beforehand:

  • Find a fun/engaging/product photo
  • Copy the link to the page where action will be taken – the product page, or the event sign up form, or the sponsorship page – whatever it is.  And if it doesn’t exist then CREATE IT.
  • Make sure you have analytics installed on your website so you can monitor the success of that post.

THEN post.

Make life easier on yourself and schedule a bunch of posts on the topic ahead of time. While you’re there taking the time to do this one post, you might as well schedule a few!

And if you have no idea how to do this, please call us today!  We can help!

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